PiezoRobotics Inertial Mass Actuator


Piezoelectric Inertial Mass Actuator

Our Piezoelectric Inertial Mass Actuator is a high-performance electronic actuator used to reduce the dynamic response of a mechanical structure. It is the next generation of vibration dampers that benefit from electronic controllability.

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The pr.PIMA is the evolution from simple passive materials. By using an external energy source, the integrated electronics converts an input control signal into a dynamic mechanical force by means of a piezoelectric material. The actuator thus provides a controllable force that acts on the mechanical structure, useful in applications such as active vibration control.

Key Features

  • Integrated amplifier
  • Integrated accelerometer
  • Low voltage input signal
  • High generated peak force
  • Broadband frequency response

Technical Specifications




Supply Voltage

12 VDC

Supply Current

0.13 A to 0.42 A

Supply Power

1.5 W to 5.0 W

Input Control Signal

0 V to 3.0 Vp-p

DC offset = 1.5 V

First Resonance Frequency

100 Hz


Effective Moving Mass

0.1 kg


Peak Force

85 N


Operating Bandwidth

20 Hz to 600 Hz


Operating Temperature

-20°C to +40°C


262 x 48 x 37 mm


Total Weight

0.325 kg


Active Vibration Control, Active Mass Damping, Active Vibration Isolation, Active Noise Control, Vibration Shaker

Application Examples
The pr.PIMA can be used in damping mode, mounted onto a mechanical structure that is usually subject to internal vibrations. By using the feedback signal of the integrated accelerometer and a proper input control signal generated by an external controller, the vibrations of the mechanical structure can be reduced. The pr.PIMA can also be used isolation mode, mounted between an external vibration source and the mechanical structure (e.g. sensitive equipment), to reduce the vibration transmission.

Electrical Connection
The pr.PIMA is powered using a 3.2 mm plug and a 12 VDC power supply. The analog input control signal and the analog output signal of the integrated accelerometer are transmitted using a 2.5 mm stereo plug (input in the Left channel, output in the Right channel).

Mechanical Mounting
The pr.PIMA can be mounted onto any structure by means of a screw that passes through its total height, positioned at the center. The recommended tightening torque is 5 Nm.

The pr.PIMA has an integrated high-voltage linear amplifier that converts the input control signal into a dynamic mechanical force, by means of a piezoelectric material. An external power supply is necessary. The integrated accelerometer measures the vibration level of the structure. An external controller can be used to generate the input control signal, based on the accelerometer signal, to perform vibration control.

The pr.PIMA has an integrated analog accelerometer positioned at the center mounting screw. The acceleration in the +Z direction of the vibrating structure is therefore measured. The acceleration signal can be used in applications such as active vibration control in the feedback control loop. The accelerometer has the following specifications:




DC Offset

1.5 V

Acceleration = 0 m/s2


17.74 mV / m/s2

Maximum acceleration

50 m/s2


550 Hz

Blocking Force Spectrum
The mechanical force generated by the pr.PIMA depends on the input control signal (waveform, amplitude and frequency) and the structure it is attached to. The measured force spectrum of the pr.PIMA, when it is mounted onto an infinitely rigid structure (blocked) and a sinusoidal waveform is used with constant amplitude across all frequencies (Vin = 3.0 Vp-p), is shown below.


Quality and Testing
Each actuator is individually tested for peak force and resonance frequency. A test report including the blocking force spectrum is provided with each delivery.

Internally, the pr.PIMA produces potentially lethal voltages up to 1 kV. All the external electrical connections (power plug and stereo plug) are safely isolated with an isolation resistance larger than 10 GΩ. The plastic casing also guarantees electrical isolation to the mounting screw and operator. Nevertheless, safety precautions should always be observed.


PiezoRobotics has the capability to customize the pr.PIMA according to your specific application and requirements. We can modify the resonance frequency, peak force, dimensions or other parameters. We also guarantee much lower prices for high volume purchases. Please contact us for further details.

Package Content
1 x Piezoelectric Inertial Mass Actuator
1 x Screw M5x50 mm
1 x Power supply cable
1 x Stereo plug 2.5 mm adapter