PiezoRobotics Noise and Vibration Logger


PiezoRobotics Noise & Vibration Logger

Our pr.Logger is a geospatial noise and acceleration data recorder. It is the next generation of industrial grade, portable and calibrated sensors, combined with internet connectivity for data visualization.

USD 1,990.00

Delivery in 6-8 Weeks

The PiezoRobotics’ pr.Logger enables plug-and-play measurement in harsh environments anywhere in the world. The pr.Logger measures and records noise level in dB(A) and RMS levels of acceleration in g, by means of a calibrated microphone and a calibrated triaxial accelerometer. It also records Timestamp and GPS Position and transmits all information via LTE-M to an online dashboard for data visualization. This is useful in applications exposed to risks arising from high noise and vibration levels, thus requiring constant monitoring, such as machinery, transportation vehicles and construction sites.

Key Features

  • Integrated and calibrated sensors

  • Worldwide GPS and LTE-M connectivity

  • Dashboard for data visualization

  • Dust protected

Technical Specifications




Power Supply

12 VDC

Battery Capacity

12 Wh

available output energy

Accelerometer Range

up to ±16 g0‑p, triaxial

customizable up to ±100 g

Accelerometer Bandwidth

up to 500 Hz, triaxial

customizable up to 11 kHz

Accelerometer Resolution

0.0008 g

Sound Level Range

30-130 dB(A)

Sound Frequency Range

30-8500 Hz


GPS and LTE-M Band 3 (1800 MHz)

Power Connector

M12 Industrial Connector


100 x 70 x 40 mm


0.2 kg

Operating Temperature

-40°C to +85°C

Ingress Protection

IP 50 (Dust protected)


Wireless Monitoring of Machinery, Vibration-Sensitive Assets, Transportation Vehicles, Environmental Noise, Construction and Mining Sites, Work Health and Safety.

Mechanical Mounting

The pr.Logger can be mounted to a vibrating structure by means of four M4x40 mm screws spaced by 87 x 57 mm. A temporary mounting can also be done with a double sided tape (3M 9448A) on the base of the pr.Logger. A cable tie can be additionally secured to the pr.Logger to prevent detaching.

Electrical Connection

The pr.Logger contains a rechargeable battery. To charge the battery and at the same time power on and start a measurement, simply connect the power supply cable to any 12 VDC voltage source.


For ease of use, the pr.Logger is software-operated and can be triggered simply by connecting the power supply cable. To perform a measurement:

  1. Open the Dashboard Software:
    • Connect to server;
    • Set Local Timestamp for time synchronization;
  2. Connect the 12 VDC power supply to the pr.Logger:
    • The internal battery will start charging;
    • GPS connection is initialized (LED will turn ON at start and OFF upon successful completion, ~3 min at open air and clear sky or up to 15 min for cold start);
    • Connection to the LTE-M network is initialized (LED will turn ON at start and OFF upon successful completion, ~2 min);
    • Local Timestamp information is obtained from server;
    • Measurement and recording are triggered (LED will blink shortly every 5 seconds when a datapoint is recorded);
  3. In the Dashboard Software:
    • Connect to server;
    • Start data streaming for live visualization of measurements or download recorded data for offline map plot;
  4. Disconnect the power supply:
    • Battery mode is triggered;
    • Measurement and recording are stopped;
    • LTE-M and GPS connections are closed.

Embedded Sensors and Electronics

The pr.Logger contains a calibrated sound level meter that outputs data directly in dB(A). A maximum noise level of 130 dB(A) can be measured. The integrated microphone does not record any noise or voice signal.

It also contains a calibrated triaxial accelerometer capable of measuring vibration levels of up to ±16 g0‑p (or 156.96 m/s2). In the default configuration, each axis signal is sampled at 1 kHz, thus allowing vibration measurements of up to 500 Hz.

The pr.Logger also features an integrated GPS for logging the precise geographic location where the noise and vibration levels occur, together with the Timestamp in the local time zone. An embedded SIM Card for data transmission via LTE-M is able to connect to a cellular network worldwide in more than 180 countries. The measured data is uploaded to a secure server, which the dashboard software will access for data visualization.


Our dashboard software was developed to securely connect to the server and plot the measured noise and vibration data live, as they are being acquired, in a user-friendly geospatial map. An example of a geospatial noise level map in Singapore can be seen below.

Quality and Testing

Each pr.Logger is individually tested. The calibration data of the sensors are already included in the firmware for each delivery.



PiezoRobotics has the capability to customize the pr.Logger according to your specific application and requirements. We can include any sensors, customize the dashboard software, include other vibration metrics, modify any electrical specification, dimensions, connectors or other parameters, and integrate it with your own electronics and IoT Network. We also guarantee much lower prices for high volume purchases. Please contact us for further details.

Package Content

1x pr.Logger

1x 12 VDC Power Supply Cable

4x Mounting Screws M4x40 mm

4x Mounting Double Sided Tape (3M 9448A)

1-Year Free Worldwide Data Package via LTE-M