PiezoRobotics offers plug-and-play modules necessary to build your active vibration control and vibration monitoring based on smart materials. We have developed cost-effective solutions that enable the rapid deployment of vibration technologies for scientific or industrial applications. We save your time and money searching for individual components or building complicated test setups.


PiezoRobotics Piezo Amplifier

Our Piezo Amplifier is a high-voltage power supply and linear voltage amplifier for driving high capacitive loads such as piezoelectric ceramics at high frequencies.


PiezoRobotics Bolt

The PiezoRobotics’ pr.Bolt is a mechanical fastener with an integrated piezoelectric sensor for the measurement of axial dynamic forces. It is the next generation of highly precise and highly sensitive force sensors.


PiezoRobotics Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer

Our DMA is a dynamic mechanical analyzer instrument for high-throughput characterization of viscoelastic properties of materials as a function of frequency.


PiezoRobotics Noise & Vibration Logger

Our pr.Logger is a geospatial noise and acceleration data recorder. It is the next generation of industrial grade, portable and calibrated sensors, combined with internet connectivity for data visualization.


Piezoelectric Inertial Mass Actuator

Our Piezoelectric Inertial Mass Actuator is a high-performance electronic actuator used to reduce the dynamic response of a mechanical structure. It is the next generation of vibration dampers that benefit from electronic controllability.


PiezoRobotics Rubber Force Sensor

The PiezoRobotics’ pr.RubSens is a highly sensitive force sensor made of a soft rubber material. It is the next generation of force sensors, evolved from the traditional metal-based and stiff load cells.