PiezoRobotics is a deep tech engineering company with more than 10 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of vibration technologies based on smart materials. 

We develop complete solutions in active vibration control and vibration monitoring based on smart materials tailored to your technical specifications. We conceptualize, design, simulate, build and test piezo-mechanical systems, piezo actuators, drivers, sensors, precision electronics and software.

Our core competencies uniquely combine these 3 great areas:

PiezoRobotics - Vibration Technology


Advanced methods of structural dynamics, numerical optimization and signal processing techniques tailored to different applications.

PiezoRobotics - Smart Materials


Solid-state materials with mechanical properties that can be electronically controlled to achieve the highest level of precision.

PiezoRobotics - Adaptive Electronics


Active controllers that can be automatically adjusted to achieve optimal performance under any operational conditions.


We have a solid experience in the design and manufacturing of smart structures, particularly in the field of functional integration, where we not only conceive a new sensor and actuator, but we make sure that the host structure preserves its mechanical integrity and durability. We have a deep understanding of mechatronic systems, how each component interacts with each other and how they impact the overall system performance.

Most importantly, we closely collaborate with renowned international partners for R&D, testing and validation.


We provide high-class solutions that create value for our customer’s products and services. This is achieved through a collaborative design between our team of technical experts and our customers.

Our vision is to become a global reference in vibration technologies using smart materials.

Our mission is to enable mass-produced smart materials, contributing to the Industry 4.0 and developing high-quality engineering solutions.

We are committed to quality and fast response time, so we work according to a 3-step process:

PiezoRobotics - Designing the Problem Statement

Step 1 - Designing the Problem Statement

This is the most important phase, where we do extensive research to understand the challenge. We carry out thorough analyses to quantify the source of the problem and its consequences, working closely with our customers to review the technical requirements and explore potential solutions.

PiezoRobotics - Engineering the Solution

Step 2 - Engineering the Solution

We use our vast experience in modeling and computer simulations to deeply understand the problem and develop a potential solution. We make use of commercially available software as well as in-house developed multi-physics simulation tools to achieve optimal performance.

PiezoRobotics - Testing the Solution

Step 3 - Testing the Solution

After the solution has been designed and verified through simulation, we are able to manufacture the complete mechatronic system, including in-house fabricated piezo-mechanical and electronic subsystems. At the end, we perform experimental tests to evaluate if the technical requirements have been met.